Integrated Solar LED Street Light means solar panel,LED, battery, controller are all put inside one lamp fixture, not separate. It also can be called "All in one Solar LED Street Light".
Our solar LED street light works in three ways: Sensor Control/Time Control/Center Control. For the details, you can check our video in our homepage for the specific ways.
Yes, it is possible, but PIR(Passive Infared Detector) or Microwave sensor are more sensitive than sound one.
Yes, the default color is international RAL9007,which is the most popular color for street light. If you want others, it needs to be customized.
Our solar panel is based on American Sunpower mono-crystalline silicon(24%).It is much better than poly-crystalline silicon.
Our battery is based on MSDS passed Lithium battery,whose lifespan is much longer than traditional accumulator battery.It is available for 1500-2000 charge-discharge times.
Our default LED is LM80 certificated 3030, which is much brighter than Bridgelux and Samsung. Anyway, it is also available for CREE customization.
We use the best solar LED street light controller in China which can support many intelligent and customized ways. The one we use is based on MPPT mode, whose charging efficiency is much higher than PWM way.
Our IP(INGRESS PROTECTION) rate for normal solar LED street light is IP65, which is available for outdoor lighting application. It is also available to make higher standard if you want.
Our default design is based on three continuous rainy days. If you want more days, it is available to be customized.
Yes.We have considered such kind of installation environment based on our design. It is available against storm below 30m/s.
Currently we support pole and wall mounted installation ways.For others, it can be customized with accessory before delivery.
Our default warranty is 3 years. It can be customized for 5 years warranty. We will be responsible with our product as we promise.