FAQs for Solar LED Street Lights

  • January 24, 2017
  • Solar LED street light Technology

FAQs for solar street lights

Get answers to some of the most common outdoor solar street light questions.

Where is the best place to display solar LED street lights?

Solar LED Street Lights need direct sunlight to receive a full charge during the day. At night, the Solar LED Street Lights will need the darkest area of the yard, away from any light source. It manages light brightness automatically according to day and night time.

How do I install Solar LED Street Lights?

It takes just a few couple of minutes to install solar LED lights. Since solar street lights require no wiring, no power source or no digging, installing them is as easy as removing them from the packaging, setting up the solar panel and placing the solar light where ever you want it. Generally, the only tool that is needed to install solar lights is a screwdriver.

How long solar LED street lights will run?

The more sunlight the outdoor solar led light receives during the day, the longer the run time at night. As most operating times may vary, the average outdoor solar light will stay illuminated for up to 12 hours.

Does the weather affect solar street lights?

Since the solar lights require direct sunlight to charge as we all know about that, cloudy days will inhibit the solar light from receiving a full charge. Most of the casings on solar street lights are designed to be weather-resistant. So we can say Solar Street Lights are water resistant.

What are the advantages of Solar LED Street Lighting?

Solar Street Lights are very easy to install, usually with just a screwdriver. Since you don’t have to worry about where your power source is, you can set up solar LED lights just about anywhere you want it. There is no wiring to hook up and no special lighting parts to purchase. Solar lights are also environmentally-friendly since they require no external power supply and they cost nothing to run, since they require no electricity.