Latest Version Solar LED Street Lights to Meet Your Choice

  • April 18, 2017
  • Solar LED street light Technology

Solar LED lighting systems are extremely low maintenance, which makes it a popular lighting choice for businesses looking to save money on energy and installation fees.


Types of Solar LED Street Light Systems


All 3 of these types of Solar LED Street Light systems are based on individual client needs and requests. Each lighting system has its merits depending on the location, utility and access to current infrastructure. To request a free-quote or custom design on solar street lights, contact

More people are choosing to light their sites, streets and sidewalks with solar LED technology. Why? Because it saves time, money and energy.

1.The operation cost is not so high.
2.This is a pollution free source of producing Electricity.
3.NO external wires are used. so chances of occurrence of accidents are minimized.
4.The parts of of this system are easy to carried. so remote access is applicable.
5.They require less maintenance.
1.The starting setup cost is high.
2.Risk of theft is also higher.
3.Rechargeable batteries are required to be changed many times.
4.Not works in cloudy and rainy days.
5.Snow and moisture effects it’s working.
Nowadays a new range of solar LED Street lighting make their presence felt everywhere and these lights are environmentally friendly and are easy to install and give high-intensity LED output. The solar LED street lights system convert sun energy to electricity and the system is prompted to turn on as the darkness approaches. Therefore, these lights automatically switch on after the sunset and after sunrise it switches off.