LED Street Lighting: Reliability, Savings, Sustainability & Safety

  • April 18, 2017
  • Solar LED street light Technology

How to choose reliable Solar Street Lights

Use of solar street lights for street lightening purposes is increasing everyday as it reduces people’s dependence on traditional electricity driven solar street lights as well as saves their money by doing away with the electricity bill. The question is How to choose reliable and right solar led street light? There are some standards which solar lights manufacturers have to follow to ensure their lights are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. They get tested their lights from the government agency responsible for determining quality and performance of such lights and quality. After check performance and quality agency is assured about solar light and issues a certification to sale it.


Energy Efficient LED Streetlights Generate Huge Cost-Savings

LED street lighting is being installed in more and more cities worldwide due to the wide range of benefits of LED lights, especially with regards to drastic energy savings and immense financial benefits. The number of cities across the globe that are investing in retrofitting their current streetlight systems with LED lighting technology grow day by day and research supports the immediate benefits of these investments.

Follow us (DEL) as we look deeper into the benefits and advantages of replacing conventional street lighting solutions with cost-saving and energy efficient LED illumination technology.

LED Street Lighting: Savings and Advantages

The cost-saving factor together with the overall improvements in efficiency of LED streetlight technology are responsible for rapidly increasing sales and a growing amount of LED streetlight retrofitting projects worldwide, especially as street lighting accounts for a substantial part of a city’s energy bill.

A switch to LED street lighting systems alone could decrease worldwide energy consumption by 40 percent, save over U$160 billion and as much as 670 million tons of CO2 emissions, according to a china media report.