Things about Solar Street Lights with Lithium-Ion Battery

  • May 9, 2017
  • Solar LED street light Technology

1) Hard to steal: The Lithium ion battery is in-built. It is fixed inside the LED far up the pole making it safe from potential thefts.

2) Less Losses: LA batteries were connected to the solar panel and LED lights with a cable; this makes the installation process complex and results in losses. While in the case of lithium ion batteries these losses are greatly reduced due to the battery being in close proximity of LED lights and solar panels.

3) Maintenance Free: Lithium ion batteries do not need water-topping! They are non-aqueous, light in weight, long lasting. Plug and forget.

4) Quick Charging, More Backup: Lithium ion batteries get charged in a humble 5 hours’ time frame and last almost 13 hours.


  • All in one, intelligent integrated design.
  • Sun powered, 100% energy saving.
  • Without any cable, easy to install and ship.
  • Modern portable design can be installed anywhere needed.
  • Compact volume can save freight and installation costs.
  • Rust-proof, dust proof and water proof.

Where to find solar street light with Lithium-Ion battery?
DEL-LOGODEL has made the best solar street lighting solution for USA, UK, AFRICA, INDIA and more countrirs. Its street lights, Sunway, are available in different sizes specifications. They have in-built lithium-ion battery, and can even work in cloudy weather. we offer different Solar LED fixtures of roadway, street and outdoor to meet your specific application needs

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