• April 9, 2018
  • Solar LED street light Technology

If there was no electricity, I tend to wonder how we would be operating at night. Imagine walking down a dark street or staying in a dark house. It is unimaginable. Light is essential, for without it human activities at night cannot go on. Street lights are every nation’s necessity. They come with many advantages including security. They also extend the hours of light present so that activities can continue thus increasing the quality of life. Most important, solar street lights also key to improving the safety on the roads for the riders, pedestrians, and drivers. With all these needs for light, no country would want its towns dark. Installing more street lights is the primary goal of many leaders.  People also fix the street lights in their homes for security purposes. There are two types of streetlight- traditional and solar.

In the past few decades, solar energy and its products have garnered a lot of popularity in the market. They have done this with such great force that they have even managed to replace traditional lighting in many sectors. The most common obstruction that has come with the use of the solar energy is the sidelining of the traditional street lights to use the solar street lights. The reason as to why this disruption was successful was because of the many benefits that the solar energy street lights come with, which will be discussed in detail later in the article. To understand the difference, we will start by understanding how the two types of lighting work.

How does the traditional and solar street light work?

Traditional street lights get their power from a standard electric grid which creates energy from non-renewable sources.  On the other hand, solar street lights do not require any conventional electrical power. They are entirely independent as they are not connected to any electrical grid infrastructure as they reply on the power of the sun. They are mounted on durable poles which are built with all the electronics integrated into it. The solar lights are powered by solar panels which harvest the sunlight, during the day, which is then converted to energy that is stored in a battery system. It employs a solar charge controller which controls the battery storage capacity and makes sure it has a long life. For this reason, it is the primary component of the solar light. At night the energy is drawn from the battery system as power for the lighting fixture, referred to as LED. The LED fixture provides more lumens with less energy consumption than traditional lighting fixtures. The traditional street light use HPS fixture whose energy consumption is 50% higher than that of the LED. The solar street lights will automatically turn on and off using the light source which senses the sunlight outside.

About all in one solar street lights

The most common solar street lights are those with integrated solar lights, which are popularly referred to as “all in one solar street lights“.  They combine all the developed green energies, like the lithium iron phosphate battery, the solar panel and the LEDs which come with high brightness. The reason that make many clients worldwide desire to use them is because of the brilliant sensor system built inside. With these sensors, they offer such great features as long service time, low energy consumption, free maintenance and high brightness.

The design and the shape of all in one solar street lights have been studied carefully to ensure they are constructed with the highest efficiently. Their design is something nice to see. They also use a lithium battery that ensures the product a long life, and it will not pollute the environment. All in one solar street light uses a built-in passive infrared motion sensor which helps it control the output of LED light. This sensor will automatically adjust the street light from a high level of brightness to low level and vice versa when it detects human movements on around the light. The sensor allows it to automatically increase the brightness to highest when people walk close and dim back to regular brightness when they walk past 10 meters. Since they are exposed to the elements where they collect dust and are rained upon, they are also built to be dust, rust, and waterproof.They are designed to work throughout the night. It is also possible for them to stay lit even when there is no sunlight for several days. There are many different types of all in one street lights, with each built with its own photovoltaic panel.

The new technology in the all in one solar street

The functionality of the solar street lights have been improved and increased upon by the use of smart software and hardware communication. The combination of the dimming features, wireless network and motion sensors can send back valuable data to the provider, infrastructure or utility with information on their energy generation and light performance. This has been made possible by using cloud-based software for remote management of each streetlight unit in real-time.

This advancement has increased the lifespan of the battery system, headlamp, and the led fixture. These three features are the main components of the solar street light and are designed to reduce maintenance costs. The solar street lights are also fitted with an intelligent remote control that is providing many advancement opportunities for the solar industry to achieve a grid that may eventually be entirely powered by clean energy sources.

The advantages of solar lights over traditional street lights

  1. Dependability

Solar street lights do not depend on any electric power, so even with the failure of the grid or when power is cut, the lights will remain illuminated through the night. Traditional street lights will go off with a power cut or grid failure.

  1. Cost

With solar street lights, you only pay for the purchase and installation costs. It requires no maintenance and replacement as it is a long life product.  Traditional street lights cost more, since they need cables and poles to set them up. The lamps will also need frequent replacement. All these expenses, plus the installation and purchase cost ends up costing much more than that of solar street lights.

  1. Impact on the environment

Traditional lights use power that is generated from non-renewable sources that are known to emit carbon dioxide as a by-product. Solar street lights use only sunlight, which has no adverse effects on the environment whatsoever.

  1. Lifespan

Tradition street lights have a lifespan of approximately 500 hours while solar street lights may experience a lifespan of five times more than that of traditional.

  1. Visibility and illumination

The LEDs fixed in the solar street lights provide excellent lighting that distinctly increases night visibility. Traditional street lights are fitted with metal halide lamps that are unable to beat the clarity offered by the solar LEDs.

  1. Safety

Solar panels they have no wires connected reducing the risk of accidents. Traditional street lights come with the threat of electric shock due to short circuit, which might lead to death for the technician.

Even though the theft risk of solar street lights is high, and the initial installment cost is higher compared to the traditional street light, solar street lights remain the best option. The conventional street lights are of very low pressure which makes them have little night visibility. The approach of replacing them with the solar street lights is the best approach because solar is budget and environmental friendly. Many advanced solar street lights are integrated with LED lamp. The integration of solar street lights and LED is a very useful advanced technology.

Installing the solar street lights

Unlike traditional street lights that require expert installers, the all in one street lights are very easy to install and do not necessarily need a specialized expert to install. The important thing is ensuring that the solar panel faces south on installation. Adjust the angle between the level and the lamp head to secure it lights up the required area. The package will come with tightening security bolts.  Also, make sure that the solar panel faces south as much as possible to maximize sunlight exposure. As with all solar products the performance of a solar street light is highly dependent on it’s exposure to the sun. Sun exposure is based on the solar panel’s orientation. It will only require a few minutes to turn an area into a well-lit space with the installation of a solar street light. A solar street light installation will then worry-free, since it will automatically turn on and off, based on the amount of sunlight throughout the day.


The efficient use of renewable energy is only at 2% around the whole world currently.  This is sad news. As such, the best means to show commitment to the environment is by installing solar street lights in place of traditional street lights.  The solar street lighting industry is putting as much effort as it can to ensure that there is a cost-effective and, reliable product in the marketplace. It is important that we put more effort in generating light from clean sources. Solar lights will do away with expensive electricity bills and all the power cut-outs and grid disruption that lead to blackouts. Let us help create a cleaner environment by using these low cost solar street lights.

If you want to buy solar street lights online, there are many options that are available with, brands from different manufacturers.  The most known manufacturers in the market are: Fonix, King Sun, Best Solar, Alien Energy and Mainframe. Buy one today and take part in changing the world.