Professional Solar Street Lighting System

  • May 1, 2017
  • Solar LED street light Technology


A street lamp covered in photovoltaic cells, which can generate more energy from sunlight than it consumes to light the street. Recent market research study showed that Solar LED Street Light market will grow more than 30% in next 7 years.

DEL supplies 100% renewable energy street lights, better, brighter energy efficient, long life lithium battery to save money with long term benefit. Since their primary energy source is solar power that’s why it is one of the best technology solution that is better for the environment and even better for your wallet.

DEL is one of the best choices for you to provide solar led street lighting solution on best prices with 100% customer satisfaction. Lot of projects were made by DEL perfectly and had illuminated many areas with perfect lighting in the night. Our lighting systems are available either with automatic dusk to dawn operation or with a pre-set time.

Current market scenarios have prompted solar led street lighting manufacturers to look for alternatives that are efficient and provide off-grid power solutions. Latest Technology in solar led street lighting gives way to certain drivers that boost the Solar Street Lighting market.

We want to share some good reasons to choose professional solar led street lights –

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Lower Cost
  3. Environment Friendly(Eco-Friendly)
  4. Lower Maintenance Cost
  5. Low Voltage
  6. Effective in Emergencies
  7. Reduced Shipping Costs

DEL unique all-in-one design, integrated solar LED street lights are much lighter and smaller than split type solar lights, and this means much lower shipping costs. In fact, shipping integrated solar street lights from China costs approximately 1/5 of what it would cost to ship the split type solar lights. To get a Free Quote, You can direct Contact Us on +86-13006686213.